Getting recruited as a student athlete can be very difficult.  Stand out from the crowd with our student athlete video profile package and get noticed!


There is more to creating a video than just throwing a few game clips together.  It’s important to create an interesting and effective profile for how you play different aspects of the game, on and off the play.  It is about showcasing your game smarts and abilities that set you apart.


We know you’re a great player, but you’re more than that.  We want coaches and recruiters to see who you are and how your personality would fit into their team.  This is your chance to introduce yourself to those coaches and recruiters to tell them your story.


Above and beyond your game and personality is how you deal with everything else in your life.  We’ll help you showcase all of the elements of being a balanced athlete.


Jerson Barandica-Hamilton

Head Coach
University of Saskatchewan
Huskie Women’s Soccer Program

“As coaches we are always looking for ways to get a better understanding about who you are as a player and person that will help us make better informed decisions in terms of deciding if you are the right fit for our program, and the North52 Media athlete profile videos would be another tool that we would use to achieve that. 

A key tip is to be authentic and show us your strengths and values that you feel represent you as best as possible. For video, I personally like to always see footage of all 4 moments of the game (Attacking, Defending, Attacking Transition & Defending Transition) as that shows me a complete and clear skillsets of a player.”


Every athlete is unique, so the each package is customized to fit your needs.  These options include:

  • Editing current video you have already taken
  • Our team can come and shoot video of your game
  • We have the option of shooting a single or multiple games
  • Photography (headshots, gameplay, etc)
  • Creating graphics for your video (name, your stats, etc)
  • An athlete interview to be used as voiceover of the video
  • Social media analysis with improvement recommendations
  • A customized website for your profile

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